Gain an Edge in Global Expansion

Our exclusive global database and advanced proprietary software has been utilized by thousands of companies to grow and expand around the world, by helping them connect with sales agents/reps, distributors, wholesalers, organizational buyers, B2B buyers, and other key business expansion contacts.

Here are our targeted business expansion platforms:

We will use our exclusive global network to help patent your invention, build a prototype, obtain funding, make your product/app, and get licensing and distribution deals.

We will use our exclusive global network to put together a dedicated team that will work for you and drive forward your company's growth and expansion plans.

We find, recruit, onboard, manage, and pay your employees in over 180 countries. Expand quickly, and make sure you are in compliance with country-specific laws.

The leading platform that helps companies connect with independent sales agents/reps and distributors around the world.

The premier global platform to connect with key contacts for business expansion, such as reps, distributors, organizational buyers, and franchisees.

A leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing services, providing a cost-effective way to scale without hiring your own team.